Wajo meaning shadow or shadows, is a regency with a population of 400 thousand people. There is an ongoing controversy as to how this regency came to be. Some believe that it was formed by a pact between the public and their customary leader 605 years ago. However, others believe that Wajo began from a tale of We Tadampali, a lady in the Kingdom of Luwu who was out casted due to leprosy. She was sent to an area called Tosora where the legend says she was licked by a cow and she was cured. She went on to marry a prince and their kingdom came to be known as Wajo. Wajo's commercial activities is focused in its capital city Sengkang, which is said to be the burial grounds of the grandchildren of the Prophet Muhammad.


Danau Tempe

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Bukit Kalolo

Saoraja Mallangga

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Kuliner Khas wajo

Coto Makassar

Coto makassar atau coto mangkasara adalah makanan tradisional Makassar,
Sulawesi Selatan. Makanan ini terbuat dari jeroan sapi yang direbus dalam waktu
yang lama. Rebusan jeroan bercampur daging sapi ini kemudian diiris-iris lalu
dibumbui dengan bumbu yang diracik secara khusus.

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