Sidenreng Rappang, more commonly known as Sidrap, is a district that has a population of Bugis. The beginning of sidenreng is actually from the two kingdoms, namely the kingdom of Sidenreng and the kingdom of Rappang who are very close with each other. After independence, the two kingdoms finally merged into one district.Sidrap, which was once headed by the youngest regent in Indonesia, has rich natural wealth as a tourist attraction. By combining modern tourism and nature, one of the leading destinations from Sidrap is Taman Wisata Puncak Bila where there is the largest giant bicycle in the world. Like the activity of Waterboom, ATV, motor cross circuit, this place is a leading tourist area.For things that are more natural, there is a bonsai garden in Sidrap which is very suitable to release your mind and unite with plants. In the park called Bulgeria Sidrapia Park, there are about 120 beautiful ornamental plants to see. In addition to being seen, it can also be used for photos.


taman wisata puncak bila

kerajinan batu ukir allakuang

bukit larua

sirkuit sidrap

pltb sidrap

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"Just had a memorable visit from sulsel.
Not gonna forget this trip forever"

"Bira has a very nice beach with white
sand and sunshine. You can see spectacular
sunrise and sunset. An excellent place to spent
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Kuliner Khas sidrap

Coto Makassar

Coto makassar atau coto mangkasara adalah makanan tradisional Makassar,
Sulawesi Selatan. Makanan ini terbuat dari jeroan sapi yang direbus dalam waktu
yang lama. Rebusan jeroan bercampur daging sapi ini kemudian diiris-iris lalu
dibumbui dengan bumbu yang diracik secara khusus.

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