Kepulauan Selayar

This regency, which has a large area and has a population of only around 100,000 people, gets the name Selayar because of the shipping activity that occurred in the 14th century when traders stopped by waiting for the season to end . In the past, sailors often used the Selayar Islands area as a place to pray for the safety of their voyages, so the island was also named Tana Doang which means a place to pray. With a very strong history, this area includes strong tourism potential. One of them is watching Pakarena Gantarang Dance which originates from a village on Selayar Island in the past called Gantarang Lalang Bata. This dance was often performed in front of the king by 4 female dancers. In addition, the natural beauty presented by the Selayar Islands is also a beauty to see. Taka Bonerate National Park, for example, is a marine park that has a circular coral reef that resembles a ring that surrounds a water area in the middle which is the third largest in the world. This beautiful place is one of the most famous tourist destinations for snorkeling and diving lovers because you can find a variety of snails, fish, turtles, colorful corals, and other marine life.



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"Just had a memorable visit from sulsel.
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"Bira has a very nice beach with white
sand and sunshine. You can see spectacular
sunrise and sunset. An excellent place to spent
your holidays here."

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