Palopo city is a city situated in South Sulawesi which is the third largest city in the province, with a comfortable temperature and beautiful scenery. Palopo city can be easily accessed by an eight-hour bus ride or a fifteen minute plane ride from the only local airport in South Sulawesi situated in Makassar. The bus ride to Palopo from Makassar allows you to enjoy the natural beauty offered by Tana Toraja. Palopo has a monument located in the royal palace courtyard known as the "Toddopuli Temmalara". This monument symbolizes the philosophy by which the locals live i.e.,"courage to fight for the truth". It is also home to the Luwuw Royal Palace of the Luwu Kingdom which is referred to as the oldest kingdom in South Sulawesi. In addition to its locally known palace and museum, Palopo city offers a variety of activities to its visitors. Its two main spots are the Bambalu Waterfall which is located in a village called Battang 12 miles from downtown Palopo and the Lattupa River which is perfect for natural bathing and relaxing.


Kawasan Istana Kerajaan Luwu

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Kuliner Khas palopo

Coto Makassar

Coto makassar atau coto mangkasara adalah makanan tradisional Makassar,
Sulawesi Selatan. Makanan ini terbuat dari jeroan sapi yang direbus dalam waktu
yang lama. Rebusan jeroan bercampur daging sapi ini kemudian diiris-iris lalu
dibumbui dengan bumbu yang diracik secara khusus.

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