Luwu Regency is a district which is divided into 3, namely Luwu, Palopo, and East Luwu. Luwu is famous for the production of rice, coconut, banana, sago, and rambutan. Luwu got its name from one of the largest, and oldest kingdoms in southern Sulawesi.

In terms of history, one of the longest epic stories in the world which is predicted to be written before the Mahabharata, named La Galigo actually comes from Luwu. This epic story potrays the creation of the world, the origin of mankind, and the practical almanac of the day. With the main character named Sawerigading, in which the author tells of a beautiful myth that cannot be pronounced as history because of an extraordinary event. There is no version of Galigo that stands the test of time other than it compressed into 6 thousand pages of a book. For natural beauty, this Ponnori beach presents beautiful reddish white sand and very high cleanliness. Apart from the cheap price, this beach is equipped with adequate facilities such as a gazebo for leisure travelers.


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"Just had a memorable visit from sulsel.
Not gonna forget this trip forever"

"Bira has a very nice beach with white
sand and sunshine. You can see spectacular
sunrise and sunset. An excellent place to spent
your holidays here."

Kuliner Khas luwu


Kappurung is one of the traditional specialties in South Sulawesi, especially the Luwu community (Palopo City, Luwu Regency, Luwu Utara, Luwu Timur) This food is made from sago juice or flour. In the Maluku region known as Papeda. Kappurung is cooked with a mixture of fish or chicken and various vegetables. Despite traditional food, Kappurung became popular.

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