Kabupaten Enrekang

The enrekang district, formerly known as Massenrempulu, which means aside the mountain or along the mountain, has an area of 1,786.01 km² and has a population of around 200 thousand inhabitants. Typically from this enrekang district, enrekang people are still among 3 cultures, namely Bugis, Mandar, and Tana Toraja so that the language used by the population is broadly divided into 3 on the 3 different ethnic groups, namely duri, Enrekang, and Maiwa languages.

Enrekang people are considered smart, great, and tough by the governor of South Sulawesi. They are said to always maintain the culture and customs and politeness, and dare to wander and face challenges to achieve their dreams.

There are many Japanese heritage bunkers scattered at the foot of the mountain in the enrekang area which are not well-maintained, one of which is overlooking Mt. Nona where the bunker is 3x3 meters high and 1.5 meters high. The first bunker when the war era was used as a stronghol


Event & Festivals

Local Event

Buttu Kabobong Festival

Local Event

Festival Seni Meriahkan Hut Kab. Enrekang

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Kuliner Khas enrekang


Dangke Cheese are made of buffalo milk or cow which is traditionally processed by boiling it to boil. Dangke has a texture like tofu and has a taste similar to cheese. Dangke is also famous for having high beta-carotene protein content.

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