With a name like bulukumba which can be translated to ?still my mountain or permanently my mountain, bulukumba district is about 150 km from Makassar and has 10 sub-districts. This district is known for Pinisi which is a traditional two-masted sailing ship which is a pride for not only South Sulawesi but for Indonesia as well. UNESCO designated South Sulawesi's Pinisi boat-building art as the world's intangible cultural heritage.

Other than know for Pinisi boat from Bulukumba, Kajang tribe is also know for their beautiful district. Kajang tribe is one of the oldest tribes of South Sulawesi. It is located by the Amato.The Amatoa People are an ethnic tribal group and live by the tribal law and teachings of their ancestors which they still hold and believe and till this time. They live in simplicity. They keep away from any type of modernity to keep the tribe with nature and the ancestors. One can see the captivating panorama of Bulukumba by visiting Tanjung Bira or Bira Beach. The beautiful sunrise and sunset views can be seen from Bira Beach. It is a white sanded beach which has a very soft texture and clear waters which is frequently visited by travellers.


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"Just had a memorable visit from sulsel.
Not gonna forget this trip forever"

"Bira has a very nice beach with white
sand and sunshine. You can see spectacular
sunrise and sunset. An excellent place to spent
your holidays here."

Kuliner Khas bulukumba

Jagung Marning

Marning is a snack made from dried corn grains fried in hot oil. These snacks are also popular in several cities in Indonesia such as Central Java and East Java.

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