Kabupaten Bantaeng

In Bantaeng district with population of 200 thousand people, the people rely on agriculture as their main income. Apart from farming, industrial sector also is a large source of income from year to year. There are a few historical heritage tourism sites in Bantaeng which are recorded in history books in Indonesia. The government also keeps watch over the tourism sector which is rapidly growing.

Balla Lompoa is a historical traditional house, it is a replica of the original Balla Lompoa which was built in 1886. This traditional house was built in 2005 and is situated exactly opposite the original Balla Lompoa which is in ruins and almost collapsed due to floods. The construction of this house needed 12 different types of wood, the wood used was not allowed to touch ground while being cut.

Bantaeng not only has a rich history but also has beautiful landscapes, like Bissapu Waterfall which is about 5 km from Bantaeng city. The beauty of this waterfall is that it never dries even in the hottest summer.


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Kuliner Khas bantaeng

Jagung Marning Bantaeng

Made of white corn, Jagung Marning is one of the most popular snacks in Sulawesi Selatan. The crispy and savory taste consists of several flavors, such as sweet, salty and spicy making it even more attractive.

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