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Toraja Utara

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Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja might be one of the most famous areas in South Sulawesi.with their beautiful natural scenery. Tana Toraja mendapat is also know as a tourist attraction belle. According to myth which has been passed over from generation to generation, it is said that the ancestors of The Toraja People have come directly from heaven to earth by stairs.

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Toraja Utara

After Toraja got divided to Tana Toraja and North Toraja in 2008, both are famous in their own way. Since 1984, Toraja is the second favorite tourist destination after Bali. The tradition of ma’nene is the most famous festival inToraja. On that day they do cleaning of the deceased which haven’t been buried. The tradition of ma’nene is the most famous festival in Toraja.

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The natural beauty presented by the Selayar Islands is also a beauty to see. Taka Bonerate National Park, for example, is a marine park that has a circular coral reef that resembles a ring that surrounds a water area in the middle which is the third largest in the world. This beautiful place is one of the most famous tourist destinations for snorkeling and diving lovers.

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There are many Japanese heritage bunkers scattered at the foot of the mountain in the enrekang area which are not well-maintained, one of which is overlooking Mt. Nona where the bunker is 3x3 meters high and 1.5 meters high. The first bunker when the war era was used as a stronghold when fighting Indonesian soldiers, many found at the foot of the few mountains in Enrekang.

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In Bantaeng district with population of 200 thousand people, the people rely on agriculture as their main income. Apart from farming, industrial sector also is a large source of income from year to year. Bantaeng not only has a rich history but also has beautiful landscapes.

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The Jeneponto region, which is the mix of plateau and beaches is what that makes Jeneponto have several unique destinations that can be visited. Besides its famous Jeneponto with its reputation of being one of the largest producers in Indonesia for Salt, this place is not lacking the beauty of nature and its tourist attractions it offers.

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Maros Regency, which is located in the north of the city of Makassar. For all the travelers, the place that is often visited is the usual rocks or karst areas that like to be used as a place for beautiful and natural photos. In maros, there is the second largest karst region in the world after the country of China. Maros also occupies the first position for the longest cave in the world.

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Luwu Regency is a district which is divided into 3, namely Luwu, Palopo, and East Luwu. Luwu got its name from one of the largest, and oldest kingdoms in southern Sulawesi. In terms of history, one of the longest epic stories in the world named La Galigo actually comes from Luwu. This epic story potrays the creation of the world, the origin of mankind, and the practical almanac of the day.

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East Luwu Regency is a new district that occurred after the north luwu division and was definitively established in 2003. Lemo Beach is one of the main tourist attractions in East Luwu, which presents natural views of the sea that appeal to the eyes of the visitors. Lemo Beach is commonly known for instagram and fotos becuase of its natural beauty.

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It's not a question anymore about the beauty and the attractiveness of natural and artificial tourism in North Luwu. Sangkombong Tourism is one example of tourist charm that cannot go through visits because of the beauty of the Luwu traditional houses that are usually shown to tourists. With residents who are very friendly to local and foreign tourists.

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The name Gowa is no stranger to national history because of its maritime empire that had a big influence on the waters of the archipelago. The biggest legacy of Gowa Regency, namely Makassar port, which eventually became the city of Makassar, can now be called the biological child of Gowa.

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The natural beauty of Barru district and Celebes Canyon was nominated as the second most popular tourist destination in category of Anugerah Pesona Wisata. The route to reach Celebes Canyon is through many beautiful landscapes and paddy fields, the beauty is so mesmerizing that one doesn’t feel exhausted after the long journey.

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The district of Bone is located on the east coast of South Sulawesi. It is on a strategic location for trade of freight and services. Bone district has 3 types of regions which are mountains, lowlands and beaches. Waterpark Tanjung Pallette is a tourist destination in Bone. This water park also has a swimming pool.

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Sidenreng Rappang, more commonly known as Sidrap, is a district that has a population of Bugis. The beginning of sidenreng is actually from the two kingdoms, namely the kingdom of Sidenreng and the kingdom of Rappang who are very close with each other. After independence, the two kingdoms finally merged into one district.

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Sinjai Regency is separate from bone district with tangka river. With chocolate and pepper farming being the most prominent, the potential of sinjai is very high in the industrial and tourism sectors. Pulau Sembilan is the name of a tourist area consisting of 9 islands in Sinjai district.

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The uniqueness of this district is the number of bats in Soppeng. And even more unique is that the bats only want to hang and remain silent during the day, but evenings fly to the mountains to find food until they return in the morning. It is said that when the bat leaves Soppeng a disaster is bound to happen.

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Takalar has its own amazing natural beauty. Unique attractions that do not exist in other cities in Indonesia is deer hunting in Takalar. Not only as a tourist attraction but deer hunting preserves the customs of the nobles in the surrounding area who have often hunted.

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This district is known for Pinisi which is a traditional two-masted sailing ship which is a pride for not only South Sulawesi but for Indonesia as well. UNESCO designated South Sulawesi's Pinisi boat-building art as the world's intangible cultural heritage. The beautiful sunrise and sunset views can be seen from Bira Beach.

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Palopo city is a city situated in South Sulawesi which is the third largest city in the province, with a comfortable temperature and beautiful scenery. Palopo city can be easily accessed by an eight-hour bus ride or a fifteen minute plane ride from the only local airport in South Sulawesi situated in Makassar.

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Parepare is the birth city of one of Indonesia’s most respected technocrat, Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, the 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia. The name Parepare came from the sentence “Bajiki Ni Pare” meaning “The port in this region is good”, by the King of Gowa. Since then, the city has been referred to as Parepare or the Port City.

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There is an ongoing controversy as to how this regency came to be. Some believe that it was formed by a pact between the public and their customary leader 605 years ago. Wajo’s commercial activities is focused in its capital city Sengkang, which is said to be the burial grounds of the grandchildren of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Makassar is the largest city in eastern Indonesia and the capital city of South Sulawesi province. Makassar enjoys a central location in the Indonesian archipelago and is Indonesia’s busy air hub, connecting Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan in the west with Sulawesi, the Moluccas and Papua in the east. The city of Makassar is a bustling cosmopolitan town.

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The name Pangkajene district and the Islands that are usually shortened Pangkep comes from the word Pangka which means branch and jene which means water. Adding to the beauty of this place, there is a resort in the form of a phinisi ship, a legendary ship from South Sulawesi, which can be used for a traveler's lodging.

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Pinrang is just like any other region in Indonesia that has a superior destination. With this waterboom concept, Sulili hot spring baths has become a hotspot for local and foreign tourists. With prices that are famous for being cheap, this place is the most popular natural attraction for the local people.For those who want to find a partner, there is a right place for tourists in Pinrang.

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Helen Ellchintya


Kali ini aku berkunjung ke Kete Kesu yang merupakan suatu desa wisata di kawasan Tana Toraja yang dikenal karena adat dan kehidupan tradisional masyarakat dapat ditemukan di ...

Karin Novilda


Indahnya Toraja dan kebudayaan serta adat yang menyelimutinya membuatku berharap semoga penerus generasi kita bisa melihat kekayaan yang Indonesia miliki dan tetap terus mele...

Awan Setiawan

Travel Bloger

Untuk yang ke dua kalinya menginjakan kaki di sulawesi , sempat di buat kagum dengan keindahan alam di sini dan budaya nya . Banyak sekali pelajaran yang di dapetin selama ex...

Ari Lesmana

Musician ( Vokalis Fourtwnty )

Lagu yang aku buat saat di Rammang - Rammang, itu menceritakan tentang keadaan disini mulai dari tebing - tebingnya terus sepinya seperti apa dan kayaknya orang berkunjung di...

Erix Soekamti


Value terbesar di Rammang - Rammang ini adalah Viewnya itu, pemandangannya yang luar biasa dan sangat Instragamable. Ketika naik perahu, pemandangan sepanjang sungai gak akan...

Dita Soedarjo


Pantai dan tebing Apparalang indah sekali! Makanan enak banget juga disini. Short birthday trip with the girls in the nature! Fav resort in this area and it’s a good distance...

Fenny Wijaya


Pertama kali menginjakan tanah Sulawesi. Baru hari pertama sudah datang ke tempat tempat indah disini, dulu cita-cita lagi kecil pengen keliling dunia. Sekarang pengen kelili...

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